Becoming a Master of Moments

Life is assembled by a series of moments. We can’t buy up a collection of perfect moments and use them over and over again because by nature, they are meant to be unpredictable, spontaneous and fleeting. They can be painful or bliss and the beauty is that no two are identical. As they come to us in the present, they are charged with energy and filled with potential. Our experience of life is determined by how we receive and act on each of these opportunities, presented in disguise. As they approach, do we expand in love or contract in fear? We can spend our moments waiting on a phone call, waiting to find out how someone else is spending their moments, fearing that we’re not a part of their intentions, or we can focus on our own opportunities for growth and expansion. Will you spend yours on hold or living? Waiting or growing?

Coast WaveTo achieve our highest potential, we must constantly pay attention to the opportunities coming our way. Think of them like waves in the ocean. Waves just keep coming; another wave always comes. The waves that come are a perfect metaphor for opportunity because there is always another opportunity to succeed just like there is always another wave to take you to shore. They will continue to come and we should take advantage of the ones we can play on and enjoy. And if the wave of opportunity fizzles out before it reaches the shore, we just wait for the next one. There is no failure; there is no setback, just perseverance, patience and trust.

Every moment brings with it the potential to carry us forward. We can use up all the juice in each one to propel us into the next one and the next one until those individual moments have rolled us into such a strong momentum that we become unstoppable. Then, we have become the master of moments. We can wield our moments and use them to shape a new and better existence for ourselves. People will wonder our trick and not understand how everything we touch turns to gold…but the secret is, we are mastering moments. We are capitalizing on the opportunities the universe gifts us with each tick of the clock and with each step forward as time propels us into the future, one present moment at a time.

The best and most inspiring part for me about learning to master my moments, is knowing that everyone else in the world is out there living in their own moments with unique perspectives and different potential. The combination of energy as people bounce off of one another is limitless. Every time you meet someone new or bump into someone you already know, remember that you’re each living different experiences and doing completely different things with that moment of interaction. If both of you are maximizing your moments, the possibilities are boundless.

Mastering moments is about making creative decisions. By creative decisions, I mean, taking everyday risks like going out for a walk when you might have stayed in. Acting on the question, “who or what might I encounter out there in the world that could maximize the power of this very moment?” Picking a book off the shelf I didn’t know I had, downloading a new song that may inspire me to write my own, calling a friend I haven’t spoken to and learn in talking that I had ideas or advice I didn’t know I had. The best thing about making moves, any moves, is that there are infinite possibilities with each one. It all begins by capitalizing on every single moment. Pick the harder choice, the one that forces you to move and act and hope and believe.

Pay attention to the way one moment flows into the next and the next and the next. Witness the way opportunities abound when you pay attention and move with the flow of the universe.

Things can change overnight; with one phone call or one email or one boss having a thought that leads to one creative decision. There is infinite potential in every single moment for excellence, abundance and success.

As originally published in Soulwoman eMagazine.


“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient.  To dig for treasures shows not only impatience and greed, but lack of faith.  Patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches.  Patience and Faith.  One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea.”

–          Excerpt from Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

There is a peace I find watching the sea that is unrivaled for me. Ironically, I also fear it. I am afraid of going in not knowing what lies beneath the dark water. But as I sit and watch from the safety of the shore, knowing life and an unfathomable depth reside below the surface, I realize its divinity. I become captivated by the roar of the crashing waves and torrid swells erupting into gentle laps on the packed sand. The sea is so dynamic and restless that it seems to be alive; as if it had a central heartbeat giving pulse to the waves.  Seaside Sunset small

The ocean’s roar replaces the rapid fire thoughts going off in my mind. I find stillness in myself by the sea as I leave the movement to the waves. I breathe deeply the salty sea air, which sets a tingle of clarity and spirit racing through my mind and body. My capacity for faith expands when I think of such a force as the ocean being divinely created. Nature has created this environment, immune to our electronic noise. The absence of technology, civilized buildings, electricity or pollutants makes the presence of spirit and divinity close by and obvious here.

When I’m standing on the beach, breathing in the water’s healing air, I’m not thinking of being anywhere else. I’m living in the moment; watching, breathing and feeling its impact on my body. I am receiving her subtle lessons and wisdom. She is teaching me peace in these special moments and gifting me serenity in the absence of thought, reaction and movement. I find the rolling waves of the sea to be a perfect metaphor for existence. They are dynamic and bold and contain within them unlimited potential for life, learning and beauty.

As if her dynamic beauty was not enough, she proves her magic and reveals her internal beauty by leaving behind treasures with the waves; gifts of stones and shells. When I wander the beach collecting seashells, I am not thinking to myself, “I want to find a perfect shell in iridescent lavender with gold flecks.”  I let the sea surprise me and show me something I never thought to seek. In much the same way, people, experiences and opportunities flow into our lives every day and leave behind learning in the sands of our minds. By letting life gift us opportunities and ideas this way, by allowing the universe to give and pull its treasures in waves, we acquire the ability to let go; to relinquish control and act as a vessel for God and the universe to work their magic through us. With these gifts, we grow in our own capacity to act as teachers; waves of wisdom and learning for others.  20130524_132010

Wisdom is like inspiration in a way. One may find it where others would not and interpret it in a way no one else is capable under their own set of life circumstances. Inspiration and wisdom help us to overcome the fear of discovering our essence in the dark depths of our minds, bodies and souls. Through meditation, walks in nature or sitting and watching the ocean, we make room for creativity, solace, and discovery. In closing our eyes and turning focus within, with patience and faith, the potential for learning and knowledge is infinite.

The sea prepares us with stillness and peace, which are necessary for acquiring wisdom and becoming acquainted with our own power, health and purpose. Listen when the sea roars for silence of the mind. Slow down, appreciate her magnificence, and bask in those moments of beauty and peace.

As published in the June 2013 issue of Soulwoman emagazine.

Constancy and Change

The river is flowing a different direction today.  It’s funny how quickly something seemingly so constant can just…..change.  It’s made me realize, that there is no such thing as constancy or predictability and nothing should be taken for granted in its present state.  In reality though, I suppose change is its own constant state, isn’t it?  Our bodies change, our relationships change, our surroundings change.  We resist the audacity of change, but sometimes we fail to see that things become stagnant if they stay the same for too long.  To avoid stagnation, we must constantly reinvent ourselves and our circumstances.  Renewal is what keeps us evolving and alive.


Adversity through change offers us a unique opportunity for learning.  When we get too comfortable with something or with someone, we feel a sense of mastery and we get bored.  Life becomes dull and, sometimes without realizing it, we begin to reach for something new and better.  The universe pays attention to these cues and sends us in new directions.  It sends us new people and new experiences to give us fresh perspective, knowledge, and wisdom.  I feel that we are duty bound to use this wisdom to contribute to, encourage, and inspire others along the way.  You see, those of us strong enough to do so, must press forward through the bullshit and the pain.  We must be a guiding light to others and lead them out of the darkness.  When they see, they will believe, that there is a way out.  When they witness the broken trail and see what we’ve come through, they will be more likely to begin their own journey knowing there is greatness and life on the other side.

Being forced into change is like being pushed, fully clothed, into the water.  That moment of lost control is scary and it takes seemingly long, certainly agonizing moments to rise to the surface and get our bearings.  But as humans, we are built to survive.  You may even find the ground beneath your feet once you have time to take some deep breaths and assess the situation.  Next thing you know, you’re having a lovely swim on a sunny day and have forgotten that you had no intention of going into the water.  Your view of the world and, of your surroundings, has changed and evolved and now, you’re a swimmer.  In the river.  That is flowing a different direction today.


Find Your Secret Stash of Suppressed Self

Too often we let social norms dictate the way we live our lives and interact with one another.  More often than not, we neglect our true selves to avoid coming across as foolish, different, or confrontational.  Unfortunately, this “safe” pattern of suppressing the true nature leaves our lives and relationships lacking and empty.  This state of discontent we create by suppressing the true self, leaves us with a sense of loneliness that can persist even when surrounded by friends and family.  Ironically, this loneliness is exactly what the ego was trying to avoid by holding back the authentic qualities and action that it deemed foolish, different, or confrontational.  It’s no wonder we are attracting meaningless work and loveless relationships while neglecting our true selves.

To escape this cycle, ask yourself what it is you’re holding back or what part of yourself you are suppressing in this moment.  Maybe you’re at odds with a friend because you fear the confrontation of an open, honest conversation.  Maybe you have a brilliant solution or idea that you’re keeping to yourself for fear of being questioned or laughed at.  Maybe you have feelings for a man or woman that go unrequited for fear of being rejected.  Maybe you want to quit your job and move to a new town for a fresh start, but stay where you are out of fear of the unknown.

Once you find your secret stash of suppressed self, ask yourself what you’re so afraid of.  What is the worst that could happen if you reveal this part of yourself?  Chances are, it’s not death.  Chances are, if you release this part of your true self into the world, you will still have a roof over your head and food in your belly.  You may even find a connection with someone, or with a group of people, who share your true aspirations, hopes, feelings, and dreams.

I can tell you from experience, that the connections you’ll find with people who really see you, are powerful ones that will nurture love and keep you pushing forward in life.  These are the people who will encourage you to be yourself and try things you’re scared of.  As you grow into your true self, the superficial relationships in your life will fall away and new, more meaningful ones will emerge.  As you gain confidence from these special relationships, you’ll start to notice new people coming into your life who only know the real you.  They don’t even know that you who was cynical and only capable of superficial relationships.

Human beings are hugely resilient and capable of withstanding the onslaught of adversity one faces over the course of a lifetime.  Instead of shying away from change and fear, internalize that strong shield of resilience and use it to push yourself forward.  Exercise those muscles and go after the things that speak to you on a soul level.  Make connections with others who share your passions, and risk trying something new.  Once you find that sense of passion and purpose, you’ll experience the exhilaration of contributing something that only you can give to the world.

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